The Garden of Eden on a Balcony

In the U.S. more people have died of the coronavirus than from the September 11 massacre.

In Italy, we’ve reached a plateau indicating that things are getting better. Unfortunately, because so many parents are freaking out having to stay inside all day with their children, permission has now been given for a parent to take a child out for a walk. It is, in my opinion, a very unwise decision. After China eased up on restrictions, people began getting infected again.

My sleeping schedule is in disarray. A couple of weeks ago, I would fall asleep but then wake up during the night with a sense of anxiety. Now I don’t even fall asleep.

What is so very overwhelming about the coronavirus is that it saturates the atmosphere with the presence of death. There is no spontaneity in daily life, just a constant worry to take necessary precautions or wind up dead. To give me hope, I’ve planted seeds. Because planting a seed means believing in a future.

Every morning I rush to the balcony to see if any of my seeds have sprouted. Of course it is too soon but I’m like a child eager for the arrival of Santa Claus. Just as a child looks forward to the gifts he’ll receive at Christmas, I look forward to the day when my seeds will transform into little green heads pushing up from under the dirt.

Balcony Garden

The yucca have been rearranged to make room for food producing plants. But I’ve read that much of the yucca is edible.

Balcony Garden

Since I can’t go out to buy seeds, I’ve planted the seeds from fresh produce. Above: cherry tomatoes and bell peppers.

Harvested lettuce.

Sometimes, if you want a paradise, you have to make it yourself.


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4 Responses to The Garden of Eden on a Balcony

  1. Yvonne says:

    We have so little control over what is happening, and nothing in our past has given us experience with how to deal with this. It’s like a global war, but the enemy is invisible.

    I hope you come through this in good health, mentally and physically.

    • Thank you Yvonne! Yes, it is overwhelming how much our lives have changed in such a short period of time. Hopefully, this experience will help us reestablish our priorities. Ahhh, how lovely to walk and see flowers and trees and bees and feel the air on your face! Walks are such good medicine for the soul. Please give a tree a hug from me.

  2. Cristina Margarita Gomez Sarabia says:

    “To give me hope, I’ve planted seeds. Because planting a seed means believing in a future.” Beautiful¡¡

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