The Windmill in my Mind

The average age of those who’ve died of COVID-19 in Italy is 78.

Sixty percent of those infected are men. Seventy percent of those who die are men. Women, for reasons not yet explained, seem to be more resilient. Maybe it’s their biology and the fact that their bodies are engineered to create and sustain life.

Parian Windmill

Last summer we would take our evening walk on a road that followed the sea. At a certain point we would sit down on the little wall flanking the road just to watch the sunset. Once the sun disappeared behind the horizon line, we’d sigh then continue our walk past the windmill that’s now a bar. We knew then that we were lucky and that made us even luckier. Because if you’re lucky and don’t know it, it’s like not being lucky at all.

Despite the lockdown, we continue to be lucky. First of all, we have one another…I can still get a hug when I need one. Plus we have Volver, our cat, who continues to purr and rub himself up against us. Food is not lacking nor is a warm bed with clean sheets. There’s no shortage of art supplies and internet helps keep us in touch with family and friends. Of course I miss and worry about my loved ones. But they are safe and holding out psychologically.

It’s another beautiful day to be alive!


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1 Response to The Windmill in my Mind

  1. Cristina Margarita Gomez Sarabia says:

    We are very lucky, indeed.

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