Villa Ada

Villa Ada, Roma

Parisol Pines at Villa Ada

Villa Ada is the second largest park in Rome. The wooded area was once owned by the Savoia family and home to the royal residence from 1872 to 1878. But the Savoys had to give it up to Count Tellfner of Switzerland who name the park “Ada” in honor of his wife. The Savoys regained control of the land. That is, until 1946 when everything changed.

Villa Ada, Egyptian Embassy

Egyptian Embassy, Villa Ada, Rome

Their residence, Villa Savoia, is now the Egyptian Embassy. At its entrance you will often find guards with guns.

There’s also a bunker on the ground that was constructed for the royal family during WWII to protect them from Allied bombs.

It was here at Villa Savoia that one hot afternoon in July, 1943 Mussolini was arrested.

villa ada entrance b

Villa Ada entrance on Via Salaria (zona Parioli 2)

Villa Ada Pines

Parisol Pines

Villa Ada, Roma

Tree with Knot

Villa Ada, Egyptian Embassy

Egyptian Embassy

Villa Ada, Roma

Egyptian Embassy from a distance

Weeping Willow at Villa Ada

Weeping Willow

Villa Ada, Roma

Villa Ada palms

Villa Ada Bench

Repaired Bench






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