Advice from a Dream

It rained all night. When I woke up, the sound of pitter patter was still in my brain. Pit pat, pit pat, pit pat, pit pat. It made it difficult to remember the details of my dream.

I was a young girl and spending the day at Playland Park with friends. The bumper cars were the favorite ride of the day. We would do our best to bump and be bumped then shout and squeal with laughter. So why did bumping each other bring so much delight? And, more importantly, why did I dream about it?

Luckily I had my preferred dream dictionary waiting for me on the nightstand. Bumper cars were not included. The closest thing was “bump” and dreaming about one was a warning to be careful. Whereas dreams of collision indicate that you’d better stop dithering and  take positive action in regards to making a decision.

To bump is not the same as to collide. The level of impact is different. To collide is to impact directly whereas to bump is to only graze. Like the difference between a slap and a punch.

Moral: It’s better to bump than to collide.


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