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Mary Cassatt (1844-1926)   

If I could step into a painting, it would be a painting by Berthe Morisot or Mary Cassatt. They are paintings that talk about women and their spaces. Plus they are very pretty. Mary Cassatt’s parents were not only wealthy, … Continue reading

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A God for Everyone

Soot was the problem. It covered the Sistine Chapel’s affrescoes making the colors gloomy and obscuring the details. So in the early 1990s, the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel were subjected to various restorations. After hearing that the colors were … Continue reading

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The Twisted Tignon

Between the 1620s and the 1840s, more than one million Africans were trafficked from Africa to the Caribbean to be used as slaves in American colonies. The Portuguese, the Brits, and the French were the largest slave traders. Africans were … Continue reading

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More Recycled Frames

Not too long ago I posted about making frames from old books. But, if you give yourself some time to play, you can make frames from just about anything. It’s lovely to receive postcards but often they get tossed away … Continue reading

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Beauty is Medicine

Patrick Bringley worked at the NEW YORKER magazine. It was a flashy job that stopped shining when his brother became seriously ill and subsequently died. Grief rearranges one’s priorities. Patrick no longer felt the need for a glamorous job.  He … Continue reading

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