While watering the plants this morning, an unexpected fragrance stepped inside my nose. For the first time, our honeysuckle had flowered and the smell was intense.

Smell has the magic of quickly activating one’s memory so the scent of honeysuckle took me straight back to my childhood.

The honeysuckle on our balcony came from a clipping of a plant on Paros that had, in turn, been produced from a clipping from my friend Connie’s plant. It would be lovely to have clippings from all my friends and having them growing all around me…propagating smells sounds like a nice hobby to have.


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3 Responses to Ambrosial

  1. clare says:

    So beautiful, dear Cynthia! I have a glorious honeysuckle vine growing up amongst Vitex Agnus Castus, Lavender, passion flower, and now reaching up into the lemon tree… It came from a wild Scottish honeysuckle plant that my stepmum lovingly brought all the way from my island – it’s a particular intensity of perfume that I grew up with… Utterly dreamy and heavenly. I’m so looking forward to it flowering soon! Blessings on your gorgeous plants and your beautiful creative expansion! Much love, Clare

    • What a lovely surprise! Glad to hear from you. Your stepmom bringing you honeysuckle from your home country is such a tender and loving gesture! love & kisses, Cynthia

      • clare says:

        I’ve been following you via the WordPress update emails 😀 It’s great to stay in touch now I’ve been fully ejected from mainstream social media! Am thriving on alternative channels and loving the shift in work and focus… I’m busy in my studio and with the growing season, helping in various gardens and planting up in municipio pots which they don’t maintain ;-D Exciting, expansive times. Huge hugs and Love, and I hope we meet again soon! xxxx

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