Aegean Blue

This decadent world has me down. The gut tension was so strong yesterday that I took a long walk hoping to mellow out. At Livadia, I sat under the tamarisks and aimed my gaze towards the sea. Looking at the horizon is always somewhat of a mystical experience—it reminds me that there’s so much more to the world than just me.

The wrap around blue of the Aegean sea and sky were interrupted only by a few boats and the contours of Serifos and Sifnos. And a lonely little cloud off in a corner. For a moment I felt as if I were living in a painting.

Meditating on beauty offers relief from all this decadence invading our lives. Beauty, for me, is an existential need.

This morning I tried reading, again, George Santayana’s “The Sense of Beauty”. He’s much too wordy for me and, like most philosophers, has a tendency to over explain. But here are a few of his observations I would like to share:

Trying to separate nature from beauty is madness.

Art comes from life.

Experience is worth more than theory.

How we evaluate beauty comes from our capacity to perceive.

Beauty is a value.

Preference is ultimately irrational.

And, my own observation here, the art experience is the interrelationship between the gazer and the gazed upon.

Below are three fotos of Parian pruning that give me more aesthetic pleasure than most of the contemporary art exhibitions I’ve seen in the past few years.


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6 Responses to Aegean Blue

  1. Rosa Vito says:

    Seems someone astutely once said, “Mindfulness is important if you want to have a photogenic lifestyle.”

    Yes, what beautiful pruning.

  2. ah Rose, your words are like a summer breeze….

  3. Maggie Le May says:

    Love the pruning and watching the horizon. 🤗

  4. mont-ja says:

    lo siento mucho, el mundo (la humanidad) esta como zoombie en camino hacia ninguna parte esa es la sensacion que tengo, te entiendo y también encuentro en la naturaleza reposo y paz mental de tanto bla, bla, bla, caótico. Eres afortunada de poder estar en una “isla de belleza” y contemplar las maravillas del día a día.
    Un abrazo

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