My Archive reading List

There are many books worth reading on  I’ve made lists of books that I want to read and chronically misplace them. So I’ve decided to keep my list here. Reading List:

A natural history of the senses by Diane Akerman HERE

Bobbie Ann Mason: a study of the short fiction by Wilheim Albert HERE + (short stories)

Across an untried sea: discovering lives hidden in the shadow of convention and time  By Julia Marcus HERE

Creative Visualization by Shaki Gawain  HERE

Difficult women by David Plante HERE

Edward Hopper an intimate biography by Gail Levin HERE

Encounter by Milan Kundera HERE

Fear and Trembling by Amelie Nothomb HERE

Spellbound: studies on mesmerism and literature by Maria Tatar HERE

The hard facts of Grimm’s fairy tales by Maria Tatar HERE + (short stories)

The mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliff HERE +

The Prague Cemetery by Umberto Eco HERE +

The Things We Used to Say by Natalia Ginzburg HERE +

The secret self: a century of short stories by women anthology HERE + (short stories)

Under the Andes by Rex Stout HERE +

The Feeling of What Happens by Antonio Damasio HERE +

I Shock Myself by Beatrice Wood HERE + (autobigraphy)

The Beautiful an Introduction To Psychological Aesthetics by Vernon Lee HERE +

Ghosts : a natural history: 500 years of searching for proof by Roger Clark HERE +

Vernon Lee: aesthetics, history, and the Victorian female intellectual by Christa Zorn HERE +

Walter Pater: the aesthetic moment by Iser Wolfgang HERE +

The Blackbirder by Dorothy Hughes HERE +

Dark Certainty by Dorothy Hughes HERE +

Verdict Mystery Magazine HERE +

Maigret Afraid by Georges Simenon HERE +

The lady with the little dog and other stories by Anton Chekhov HERE + (short stories)

Collected Stories by Raymond Chandler HERE + (short stories)

The short story: 30 masterpieces edited by Beverly Lawn HERE + (short stories)

The Brontë myth by Lucasta Miller HERE +

Selected tales of Ivan Turgenev by Ivan Turgenev HERE + (short stories)

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