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Marcus Aurelius (121 AD – 180 AD)

In the center of Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome, there’s a statue of Marcus Aurelius who was once Emperor of Rome.  But today he is remembered, in large part, for his journal known as “Meditations” (170-180 AD). These “meditations” were … Continue reading

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Tough Translations

Giuseppe Ungaretti (1888-1970) is considered one of Italy’s great modern poets. Like other Futurists, he supported WWI believing a bit of aggressive agitation could help regenerate and energize Italy. So he enrolled in the infantry serving in the trenches. But … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Prayers

The increasing lack of compassion for our fellowman is heartbreaking. And as for all those self- proclaimed Christians who insist on using the name of God as some sort of personal brand, I suggest they take time out and really … Continue reading

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The White Doll

Ladies, what the hell is going on in the U.S.A.? Although I’ve lived most of my life in Italy, I was born and raised in the U.S. where I was taught how lucky one was to be an American because … Continue reading

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Dorothy Parker’s Cup of Tea   

During the spring, when sitting outside, I like to watch the bees buzz from one flower to another. Everything is calm and silent save for their humming. So I watch them flit from one flower to another until I’m dizzy … Continue reading

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