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Moura Budberg

This blog focuses on women and promotes female solidarity. To better understand our role as women today, it helps to better understand our past. In a patriarchal society, history is written by men. Thus the way women are remembered and … Continue reading

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The Bluest Eye

Toni Morrison’s THE BLUEST EYE, although beautifully written, is a difficult book to read. Its topics of racism, incest, and child molestation keep the stomach in knots. Thus, despite the magnificent prose, there can be nothing poetic about the horrors … Continue reading

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Katherine Anne Porter

Katherine Anne Porter was born in Texas in 1890. Her mother died when she was just a child and her father, overwhelmed, dumped his daughter on relatives. So it’s not surprising that Katherine did her best to run away from … Continue reading

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Today I Found a Poem

It’s been raining every day now for about 10 days. The weather is becoming a serial psycho-killer. So I’m sitting here at the dining room table with the window curtains pulled back trying to squeeze in as much light as … Continue reading

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Todo es Nada

Françoise Gilot was only 21 years old when she began her 10 year relationship with Picasso, then 61. Was it Dumas who said that if a woman were to know at 20 what she knows at 40, she would live … Continue reading

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