The Power of Intention

There’s a man in my life. His name is Hugh Breton and he’s a philosopher (remember the dude from the bookstore?). The word “philosopher” comes from the Greek word “φιλόσοφος “(philosophos) meaning “lover of wisdom”. It’s a term that somewhat confuses me as I didn’t know there was a special category for someone who liked wisdom. And after trying to read some of Hugh’s philosophy books, I can tell you I certainly did not feel any wiser afterwards.  Of course, all these philosophers are men and they take what we women call “common sense” and try to mystify it so they can then explain it to us. Ha!

Anyway, Hugh is a really sexy guy and, in the game of seduction, I pretend that everything he says is interesting. And actually some of it really is. For awhile Hugh was into the Stoics—stuff that really makes me yawn.  Everything save for the Morning Preview and Evening Review of the Day concept.

In The Golden Verses of Pythagoras, we’re told that once in bed, we shouldn’t even consider closing our eyelids until we’ve asked ourselves what we did during the day, if we did anything wrong, and did we leave any chore undone. And, if we did something wrong, we need to give ourselves a psychological spanking. Great advice if you’re into insomnia!

But it is a good idea to give your day an intention.  Because having an intention keeps you focused. It gives your energies a direction making it easier to move forward.

So now every evening I stick a note on the bathroom mirror to help me remember in the morning just what my intentions for the day are. And I keep track of my progress in a diary so that periodically I can review myself.


(from Cool Breeze, aka The Age of Reconfiguration ©)

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