Chiara’s Tiara

Chiara was born wearing a tiara. The tiara made her feel special because no one else had one like hers. Chiara was convinced that the tiara gave her special powers. But then one day the wind blew so hard that it blew her tiara away. Without her tiara, Chiara no longer felt special. And not feeling special made her lose all her magic. That’s why one day she fell down and afterwards was forced to walk with crutches. The crutches made it difficult to play with her friends so she was often home alone. It made her terribly sad. So sad that sometimes she felt like she was fading away.

But then one day at a Chinese restaurant, she got a fortune cookie with this message: “Good luck is coming your way.” And, after having been gloomy for so long, it was such wonderful news that Chiara couldn’t help but smile. And her mom, seeing Chiara smile, started smiling, too. Her mom’s smile made the person sitting next to her smile whose smile made another person smile whose smile made another person smile—well, you know, one smile leads to another so soon everyone in the restaurant was smiling. The energy from the smiles began to resonate and you could feel the Good Vibrations in the air. The vibrations were so wild and wonderful that Chiara, for the first time in a long time, felt happy.

Feeling good, Chiara gleefully left the restaurant. But once out the door, her mood change. “Oh no,” she said, “the wind’s blowing and you know how wicked it can be.” But when the wind stopped blowing, she felt a slight weight on her head. So she touched her head to see what was there. It was her tiara! And with her tiara back on her head, Chiara began to feel special again. And soon all her luck started to change, just like her fortune cookie had said.

Chiara believed that things were getting better because she had her tiara with its magical powers again. Chiara became so busy doing the things that she liked to do that one morning she rushed out of the house and forgot to put on her tiara. When she realized it, she started to have a panic attack. But then a soft breeze came and whispered in her ear: “Chiara, it’s not the tiara that has magical powers, it’s your smile that does.”

Slightly taken back by a talking breeze, she hesitated to keep on walking. At that particular moment, Chiara was in front of a pastry shop. She couldn’t help but to look at the display window.  Seeing all those beautiful cakes made her smile. When she saw her smile reflected on the window, Chiara thought about what the breeze had said and tried smiling in different ways. It made her feel silly so she started to laugh. She enjoyed herself so much that, from that day on, to keep her own magic flowing, Chiara made sure to smile whenever she could.


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