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Chiara’s Tiara

Chiara was born wearing a tiara. The tiara made her feel special because no one else had one like hers. Chiara was convinced that the tiara gave her special powers. But then one day the wind blew so hard that … Continue reading

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The Torlonia Marbles

Marino Tourlonias (1725-1785) was from Auvergne, a mountainous region in central France splattered with dormant volcanoes just waiting to wake up. Although Tourlonias’ origins were humble, his ambition was not. He moved the family to Rome where he changed their … Continue reading

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Eternal & Ephemeral

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When little things suddenly become big.

Mariagrazia Casanova, a 49 year old supermarket clerk from Brescia, complained that she had a sore throat and difficulties breathing. Four days later, Mariagrazia died. Her four kids will never see her again. Every day, poorly paid people we take … Continue reading

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Xαιρομαι/Delight huipil

It is raining again in Rome. I’ve stitched the world “χαιρομαι,” the Greek word for “delight,” on this huipil. Muy Marcottage: Italian Exhibit. Huipiles related:  ‘Huipiles’ celebrate la mujer + Foto of little girl wearing embellished huipil + Huipiles related … Continue reading

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