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Originally posted on quetzallicastro:
Since the first hands that wove traditional Mexican clothing, a Huipil (pronounced wee-pil) in Nahautl language, is made of soft cotton, (with a linen feel), depicts a story which then trancends to  indigenous textiles; both for…

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The Cinta Wrap

Originally posted on Trama Textiles Blog:
Our fabulous product designer Tara Whalley gives a step-by-step guide to rocking the Cinta wrap – a fresh take on a classic Guatemalan style! Wraps will be available on our Etsy site soon! Photos…

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Traje Tipico

Originally posted on Mayan Threads:
A Mayan woman, dressed in her traditional, hand-woven traje, looks on from afar as we demonstrate how to use our rocket stove at a SolCom sales campaign in Panajachel.

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Mexico: The Hunt for the Perfect Huipil Begins

Huipiles and San Cristobal…

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Huipil from Aguacatan #146

Originally posted on Ixchel Textiles – Tejidos Ixchel:
Aguacatan Exquisite satin design from the region of Aguacatan. This beautiful huipil is highly influenced by the Mexican style of huipil with a white background and lots of orange and red colors.…

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