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The Smell of Chanel

The Twenties were roaring and I was in Paris. Autumn leaves paved the boulevards and the crackle they made when walked upon sent vibrations up my spine. I wanted to move and resonant with the world. And I wasn’t the … Continue reading

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Coco Chanel

Undoubtedly, Coco Chanel is known for her elegance, personal mystique and glamorous lifestyle. But, as with Dorian Gray, just how photogenic is a hedonist? Gabrielle Chanel’s mother died when she was twelve. Her father abandoned her and her sisters at … Continue reading

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Yin Yang Paris

Paris Day 1 I was lucky to be staying near the Beaubourg—well-kept, washed and painted.  Looking out my window this morning, I saw the maintenance going on and the streets being scrubbed down…cleanliness is a form of aesthetics and helps … Continue reading

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