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Julia Child & Taste

Scrambling eggs was my specialty.  I could scramble them with onions or cheese or mushrooms.  I could also mix ‘n match them with tomatoes & basil or ground pepper & goat cheese or sour cream & bacon. Anything you could … Continue reading

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Balcony Vineyard

Grapevines are so magical. They give you shade and food and beauty. And wine. For many years I lived in Tuscany where I was told grapes needed to be planted in the earth and not in a pot if you … Continue reading

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Tuna Salad Recipe

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Chia Seed Coconut Chocolate Pudding

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Springtime Spaghetti for the Fall

My neighbor, Rod, told me I could raid his lemon tree. Immediately!  Mr. Wolf then made this incredible pasta dish for the spring even though it’s September! . .

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