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Bebina Bunny and Alexander von Humboldt

“One curiosity leads to another.”  Bebina Bunny   Recently I read Matteo Farinella’s article “Alexander von Humboldt” where he makes reference to Andrea Wulf’s “The Invention of Nature”.  It was a happy read as I discovered Farinella (illustrator of “Neurocomic”), … Continue reading

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Paris as a Cabinet of Curiosities

Paris Day 2 Mindfulness is important if you want to have a photogenic lifestyle because it means being present in the here and now.  Once we eliminate our dependence on cognitive clichés, the world around us pulsates with vigor and … Continue reading

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Bebina Bunny’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Before museums and internet, who could affort it collected objects of interest often related to natural history, art, antiquities and/or religious relics. This kind of collection is known as a Cabinet of Curiosity. “Bebina Bunny and Her Cabinet of Curiosities” … Continue reading

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