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Daisy Zamora, Caresses and Rings

On Paros, I read alot more fiction than I do while in Rome.  Luckily, my friend Connie has tons of books and has no problems lending them to me.  The other day, she suggested I tried reading some poetry, too.  … Continue reading

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The Case For Working With Your Hands

Getting ready to go to Paros for the summer means deciding what books to take. Considering the weight limits airlines allow for luggage, decision making is often a dilemma. One book that crossed the finishline is  THE CASE FOR WORKING … Continue reading

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Marisa Ramirez and her Soft Jewellery.

Recently, I discovered the delightful work of Marisa Ramirez.  It is so happy and playful that I asked Marisa if she would write something about herself and her work for my blog. Fortunately,  Marisa accepted but she writes in Spanish … Continue reading

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Tittin Rinde, re-adornment and fabric charms

ART FOR HOUSEWIVES has provided me the opportunity to come in contact with many interesting,  animated and exciting people.  One such person is my Blog Buddy,  Tittin Rinde.  We met via our blogs, hers  being BACKTRACKING SLOWLY. Tittin is a … Continue reading

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