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The Case For Working With Your Hands

Getting ready to go to Paros for the summer means deciding what books to take. Considering the weight limits airlines allow for luggage, decision making is often a dilemma. One book that crossed the finishline is  THE CASE FOR WORKING … Continue reading

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The Aesthetics of Mending.

Mending is a philosophy. And a measurement of value.  If something must be mended, it means it has been used, thus is useful.  Unfortunately, we have a tendency to look at much of what we own as being something disposable.  … Continue reading

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Mend & Repair

In the past 100 years, the world population has quadrupled. This means we have more and more people using our limited natural resources.  So it’s only logical that we try to repair what we have instead of throwing things away. … Continue reading

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My son gave me the book LOW COST DESIGN  by Daniele Pario Perra. Intervista a Daniele Pario Perra + Daniele Pario Perra | Low cost design: This volume is founded on a principle upheld by leading designers: the best project … Continue reading

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