If there ever was an example of a woman who lost her self to a man, it’s that of Dora Maar. She was an established and respected photographer when she met Picasso. But Picasso, unable to compete with her ability as a photographer, convinced her to abandon her talent to make second rate Picasso-like paintings. Initially to encourage this madness, Picasso made a painting with her that they signed as Picamaar, a combination of both their names but not of both their talents. And after Dora had given up everything of herself for Picasso, he dumped her for the young and beautiful Francoise Gilot.

All you have to do to appreciate Dora’s talents is to look at the photos she made before her involvement with Picasso. Those of a woman in water, for example, are exquisite.

Picasso’s emotional abuse left Dora traumatized and she was sent to Lacan for therapy. Lacan, ha! The man who bought Courbet’s Origins of the World only to keep it hidden under a wooden panel. No wonder Dora then rejected all earthly men. The only man she now accepted was the patriarchal God.

“Picamaar, Picamaar, Picamaar” is what a woman should chant whenever she feels that a man is trying to obliterate her being just to substitute it with his ego.

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Sky as seen from my balcony

Clouds remind us that change happens all the time.

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We have left our lovely Paros and will miss our lunches near the sea.

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Le nozze barbare BOOKCOVER

Drawing by Cynthia Korzekwa on the cover of Yann Queffélec’s Le Nozze Barbare (fiction) published by Fazi Editore.

Drawing from “Excerpts” (1994) by Cynthia Korzkewa used as an exhibition catalogue, KORZEKWA Cynthia, Excerpts. From Diary Pages 1994-1995. Verona, Adriano Parise Editore, (Incontri 3), 1997

Excerpts by Cynthia Korzekwa

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Shadows are Stalkers

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