mint & variegated lettuce

from my balcony container garden…

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Bonsai & Broom


I live in a condominium that’s wrapped around a meticulously kept central courtyard. To leave the complex, I must pass in front of a ledge holding a neat row of cacti and bonsai. Very Zen. But right below the plants is a yellow broom leaning up against the wall, bristles up. When I first noticed it, I assumed that the concierge had simply forgotten to put the broom in its place. But, subsequentialy, every day when I left the building, the scene was always the same. Now, after years of leaving here, I’m so accustomed to the broom under the ledge that I would miss it if it were to vanish. Because now, for me, it’s like a painting hanging on the wall.

Aesthetics is a form of perception.


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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Ansel Adams

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Bathroom Still-Life

Soap from Aleppo

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Volver and Olivia Laing

Volver the Cat

Our cat, Volver, is an intellectual. He likes to use books as pillows. It helps him absorb information he knows nothing about. Here he is enjoying the Italian translation of Olivia Laing’s The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone.

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The Power of Pits

blossom from my balcony peach tree

Years ago I threw a peach pit into a pot. Discreetly hidden behind a potted yucca, it finally sprouted and started to grow. Then, last August, my tossed pit provided me with five of the best tasting peaches I’ve ever had.

buds beyond the balcony


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