Gloves are not just for fingers!

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In the meantime, how about gloves?

glove wreath, via Glove wreath by Shannon Eakins and Marc Dombrosky

Make a bear from a glove.

Gloves made from leather off cuts like + Recycled rubber glove dress + Recycling rubber gloves + British artist’s Susie MacMurray’s bridal dress is made from 1,400 inverted rubber gloves + What to do with your old ski gloves – recycled coat by Martin Margiela + Gloves on the top + Glove collar dress + Angels’ Wings Created from Recycled Gloves.

glove necklace, via Glove necklace

Recycled Glove Puppies + Brown arm warmers fingerless mittens recycled wool wrists warmers arm cuff + Recycled Gloves Prevent Rough Hands + Transform an old sweater into a pair of mittens.

jennifer collier gloves, via Paper gloves, Jennifer Collier

Carole Fromenty’s gloves + Glove coin purse + Glove purses by Hannah Lamb + Gloves made of white leather, jagged edges and garnished with a printed scene: Symmetric border pattern with four feathers, poly lobed edge and a scene with four people and the following text: «Do not touch the flower too fast, because once the flower is touched it will wither and will not be so graceful and delicate any more».

Photobucket  Rubber Glove Necklace by Camilla Prasch

‘Rubber Gloves’ Jewellery * + Designer Min-Ji Cho presents rubber glove necklace + more + Rubber Glove Jewelry by Min-ji Cho + Reuse Jewelry – A Reinterpretation + Rubber glove bracelet + Christmas wreath made from gloves.

glove dress, via Gloving Up the Dress

More gloves:  Glove Love: “Green Thing” Plays Cupid to Lonely Gloves.

HANDS: Wisdom of the Hands blog + What is hands-on learning, and is it just a fad? + With a wave of the hand, How using gestures can make you smarter + 10 Simple Postures That Boost Performance.

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