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floratube, via
is for urban people who have little time available for buying fresh ingredients for their meal.

Folk Art South Africa – Recycled products with a mission.


East Meets West in CeramiX by CTRLZAK, Fragments

Recycled flip-flops + Stacks of newspapers turned into sculptures + a Francis Marshall painting.

fused plastic, via

Fused plastic bag at Moon<Sun

Fused plastic:  Makeup bag made out of fused plastic shopping bags + Long Overdue Fusing Plastic Bag Tutorial + Make a Messenger Bag Out of Trash Bags! Video + Quilted plastic bag + Plastic Bag Crafts + A piece I made in Textiles. It’s plastic bags, melted together by an iron (make sure you protect your iron with greaseproof paper!) then machine sewn onto a piece of velvet, before being finally embellished with glass bead work + The Pretty Bean Upcycles baby bibs.

Repurpose plastic bags by making them into Pop Art-inspired carrying cases + “21st Century Fusion” Fused plastic bags coat + Fun with Fused Plastic + Tips for Painting on Fused Plastic + Fused Plastic Purse + till Wild: Fusing Plastic!

Of interest: Kolmanskop, a ghost town buried in the sand + Ten Frugal Practices I Wish We’d Done from the Beginning + Frugal Wiz blog all about being frugal.

Want to see your handwriting as a font?? For free?? 🙂

Fundamentals of rumba

About Art for Housewives

The Storyteller....
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  1. wconklin says:

    Rumba doesn’t seem like that difficult of a dance afterall.

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