Patchwork is not just for quilts!

Why not put some pieces together?

Jenny Postle, patchwork fashion   Source:

More Jenny: Jenny Postle + In a riot of patchwork, haberdashery, embroidery and crochet, Postle’s graduation collection is an intricate reflection of today’s multi-faceted culture; these exotic millennial silhouettes are colourful and complex compositions that ignite the kind of dynamism that can establish our contemporary folklore + Tufty totem pole outfits + Future Beauty + Jenny Ellen Postle Knitwear + More Jenny + Womenswear Confidential | The Masters: Jenny Postle A/W11.

A Cut Above, Anita Steinwidder. She works with pre and post consumer clothing, cutting them up and reconfiguring them into a brand new context.

Custo Barcelona.


Other: Regine Rack – Patchwork Overalls + DIY Needle Arts Now an “Insignia of Chic” + Patchwork scarf + scroll down for patchwork of mini dress by MiuMiu.

Detritus- The Forest Floor, scroll down to see patchwork scarves.

Women’s Oscar de la Renta Beaded Patchwork Dress + De la renta patchwork dress con’t + Scroll down for another Oscar de la Renta patchwork dress + Oscar de la Renta Resort 2012 + Patchwork jacket.

Patchwork scarf + In the Studio with Gabriel Russo, hipari jacket, boro patches.

Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag + Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag + Beyonce’s Louis Vuitton Patchwork Tribute gifted?

Scroll down to see Christian Lacroix patchwork + DESIGUAL MEETS CHRISTIAN LACROIX + Christian Lacroix Teams Up With Italian Mosaic Maker Sicis to Launch a Furniture Collection.

JEANS: Make it (patch)work! + Copripiumone patchwork jeans duvet cover + Redingote in jeans stile patchwork + New Patchwork Jeans + Sexy Jeans Alert: Isabel Marant Reveals 5 New Denim Styles We Didn’t Even Know We Wanted + Custom Denim Tiered Vintage Patchwork jeans Hippie Boho + Marc Jacobs patchwork jeans purse + Dolce & Gabbana patchwork jeans + Isabel Marant Leo Patchwork Jeans.

Jeans…Mended + Turn your jeans into earth friendly sandals.

PhotobucketChanel patchwork clutch

Scroll down to see my plastic bag patchwork purse.

Art from Necessity + Foreclosure Quilts – Amazing Series by Kathryn Clark.

PATCHWORK FURNITURE/decor: Modern Patchwork – First comes the furniture then the fashion + Stephen Burks’ Patchwork Missoni Vases + A Russian Artist’s Fashionable Flights.

Patchwork Pictures, Images and Photos

Squint Limited

Sofa patchwork + Patchwork sofa + Patchwork sofa + Bokja, Have you ever heard of the word “Bokja”? It is an Arabic word for Money box. Recently, I have been introduced to a Lebanese line called “Bokja” a line of reclaimed chairs, sofas, and benches, where each furniture piece is in a rich patchwork of fabric and textiles. BOKJA designs.

In Italiano: Mobili e oggetti con suggestioni libanesi di Bokja + Interni mediorientali + Bokja design.

Patchwork decorazione.


p.s.:  Patchwork curtains + more patchwork curtains + and even more + Vintage Patchwork sheet cutains + curtain from hankerchiefs + Melanie asked me to make curtains for her room using embroidered linens from John’s mother and grandmother + Martha quilt as a curtain + delicious Teatowel Curtains.

Nesting baskets from scraps + Me, My Scarf, and I Submission: Selvedge Ruffles + 18.02.2001 – my head’s better than any software.

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2 Responses to Patchwork is not just for quilts!

  1. Rose says:

    All great stuff but I LOVE the couch!!

  2. I love your article on ‘patchwork is not just for quilts’ and many thanks for introducing me to Bokja!!!

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