Why not plant something?

PhotobucketBoskke’s Recycled Sky Planters Create a Fantastic Suspended Garden

Recycled Sky Planter.

Recycled POTOGREEN Planters to Uplift Paris Streets + Da Morto A Orto: Redundant Furniture Recycled into Abundant and Gorgeous Planters + Potogreen et le Jardin hors sol de l’Elysée Ménilmontant.

Envi: Composting Trash Can Provides Urban Greenery.

PhotobucketGartenkultur planted books

Book planters: Decorative Planters Made of Old Recycled Books.

Vertical gardens: I feel it in my fingers + Growing UP – Vertical Gardening, Roof Gardens and Veggie Walls + Eco Architecture: Singapore to soon flaunt a vertical farm incorporated skyscraper + Dragonfly vertical garden + How to create a Vertical Garden, plus Gallery of Quirky Green walls, Tokyo + Vertical Park: Stackable Solar Skyscraper for Mexico City + Pyramid Farm is a Vision of Vertical Agriculture for 2060.


Green roofs: How to Shop for a Green Roof + Edible office garden: Map coffee break time + Green roofs for healthy cities + Vintage Green Roofs and New Seeds.

Green streets in my neighborhood Moscow.

Container Gardening: container gardening + Eggshell Flowerpots.

Edible yards: my edible yard blog + The Incredible, Edible Front Lawn.

soda can markers, via http://littlehouseinthesuburbs.com/2009/03/aluminum-can-plant-markers.htmlAluminum Can Plant Markers

Guerilla gardening: dina-tokodi street artist + GUERILLA GARDENING: Flowers Beautify Abandoned Flyer Box.

String gardens.

Garden art: Chihuly Exhibit in Arizona + These lush, vegetation-covered furniture.

Plants have feeling, tooClive Backster‘s Ground Breaking experiment + French Physicist Creates New Melodies – Plant Songs, Remember those song birds we used to hear in the fields? The sounds of animals in nature singing a symphony of soft and subtle sounds as all things flow together to create a living and vibrant concerto? Science is now showing that these sounds actually do influence the growth of plants. Researchers have demonstrated that plants respond to sounds in pro-found ways which not only influence their overall health but also increase the speed of growth and the size of the plant.

Scroll down for Stress Management through Music + The use of sacred sound for spiritually-healing purposes is known the world over, from medicine songs to chanted mantra, from calls-to-prayer to Gregorian chant and Protestant hymn + Sacred Sound Vibration.

The Sound of Music and Plants.

Other: Clothes Dryer Chicken Coop + CraftSanity on TV: Making leaf presses.

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