Oranges are not just for eating

PhotobucketJan Hopkins orange peel teapot

Save your orange peels!

For instance, dried orange peels, watermelon seeds, silk cocoon, ground coffee beans, and Bombona and tagua seeds – indigenous to Colombia – are ingredients for beautifully crafted necklaces, earrings, and bracelets + Fair trade Eco friendly Orange peel necklace set one of a kind—-Gönül Paksoy and Edible Beads , coiled orange peel necklace + another orange peel necklace.

Orange Flowers – Fruit and Vegetable carving + Carved orange skins used as Christmas decoration + Mary Donald: Latex and Plastics.

PhotobucketUse skins  for candles

5 Things To Do with Oranges + More + 5 Good Uses for Your Citrus Peels.

Camels love orange peel + Pastor spreads the word via orange peel, Making art from modest things to spread belief + orange peel and silk thread.

orange peel box, Orange Peel Boxes By Regina Nunes Orange Peel Boxes By Regina Nunes

Orange, Lemon and Lime Boxes + Natural Orange Box + Embroidered Orange Peel Boxes.

Idle Moments, Tangerine Stars + Things You can do with the Skin of Mandarin Oranges when you are Bored.

Bitter Orange Peel Jam + How To Make Cupcakes In Orange Peels + How to Easily Make Orange Marmalade! EASY, illustrated step-by-step instructions! + Honey marmalade + Candied Winter Melon and Orange Peel over Greek Yogurt.

Foraging, orange peel mushrooms + Caramelized Orange Cheesecake + More Cultured Veggies  – A quickie “How To…”.

Dehydrating Oranges + Orange Peel Tea + Orange Peel is a digestive aid. It is used for abdominal bloating, nausea and poor appetite. Orange peel moves stagnant energy and helps the digestion. Also used as an expectorant for Arguably, the most important flavanone in oranges, herperidin has been shown to lower high blood pressure as well as cholesterol, and to have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

bird feeder, via feeder

Orange ideas + Lovely things made from leftovers + Easy Compostable Decorations for the Tree + We wish you a Smelly Christmas.

Louise Bourgeois cutting a tangerine skin in Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and the Tangerine + Zoe Leonard’s strange fruit + Retrospective of Zoe Leonard.


Biodegradable Orange Peels Make Fragrant and Functional Tableware

In the tradition of the Victorians and Royalty alike, pomanders were used to mask odors. The sweet smelling scent will fill your home with citrus freshness. How to make a pomander from orangers.

For me, one of the most delicious smells of Christmas is the mix of orange, clove and cinnamon. Make colorful and aromatic groups of orange pomanders and bundled cinnamon sticks and place them in pretty bowls or platter. Pomanders from oranges + How To Make Pomanders + Orange Peel Potpourri.

Illuminate!, orange aromatherapy.

How to make an Orange Peel Chain + Orange peel art.

Recipe: Anna’s Orange Marmalade.

p.s.:  Eating oranges after dark blog + Artwork, Dried Orange Peel + Jeu d’oranges + Orange Peel Floral + Natural Orange Peel Firelighters, Recycling.

Also, citrus salutations, how to make a wreath from orange slices + Y MÁS NARANJAS PARA LOS MUY GOLOSOS + another orange rind candle.

Orange peels used to make biodegradable plates.

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  1. lk says:

    how do you find such interesting things, cynthia??!!

  2. Fascinating. I had a look at how to make an orange chain……. looks fun. Thanks Cynthia.

  3. rebecca says:

    i am adding your always resourceful link to my “citrus salutations”
    much love,

  4. Regina says:

    Hi, I am Regina Nunes. Thanks for post, my work with credits ! Congratulations for your blog .
    Regina Nunes
    Vila Velha,ES BRASIL

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