Tea Towels

My mom gave me some of her old “vintage” tea towel calendars. I used some of them to make huipiles. Here’s Chiara modeling a tea towel huipil (unfortunately  she put it on backwards! Oh well).

Soft Toy Dog called Shane made from a vintage tea towel

monkey and mum tea towel bracelets

more recycled tea towels, Upcycle: Tea Towels—inspired tea towel tote—another tea towel tote——west and plum—–

tea towel pouch

above site is a MUST SEE!  Using vintage linen tea towels, with prints depicting scenes from places visited, from native animals to flowers, I bring together vibrant memories of travels in an upholstery collage. The decorative nature of the upholstered fabric covers yet accentuate the practical form of the chair, and the vibrant 50’s and 60’s colour pallet and 100% Irish Linen base make them uniquely appealing.

tea towel stools….unfortunatley I can’t find the original post to see whose idea belongs to…..see too How-To Make No-Sew Kitchen Stool Covers—

Dolphin tea towel landscape by Jo Grant

  Vintage Tea towel cushions

tea towel skirt, Made from vintage and souvenier linen tea towels patchwoked together to create a unique and one off piece of waerable art. (Size 12)

Lori Marsha’s tea towel apron skirts—-another vintage apron skirt—-

Tea Towel Toy Bag—tea towel dresses for kids—–“Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Tea Towel” book—-How-To Make No-Sew Kitchen Stool Covers—-

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5 Responses to Tea Towels

  1. sonrie says:

    thank you for another fascinating idea!

  2. Stacey Babcock says:

    This may be the original post for the foot stools…. http://australiaproject.com/phillips_woodward_gallery.html

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