Orange wrappers and cardboard purses

Sometimes going to the market is like going to an art supply store. There’s a produce market near our house where I usually do my grocery shopping. I buy fruit and vegetables from Clara. She often gives me seeds from pumpkins, roots from chickory, sprouts from ginger, etc.  She also saves orange wrappers for me when  I need them.

  This is a purse I made using only refuse materials found at the Trieste Market – cardboard, netting, plastic bags, bottle cap and orange wrappers.

The Muy Marcottage “Produce Purse” will be available at another Roman market, that of Mercato Monti, Sunday November 18. So, if you’re in town, why not stop by: «MERCATO MONTI Best Market In Town offers the latest collections by young designers, independent productions and creative handcraft, with an incredible selection of vintage clothing, accessories, modern art, collectibles, books and illustrations».

Orange wrapper related links: orange wrappers {sicily} + Art for Art’s Sake: Orange Wrapper Collector + I bought a scrapbook filled with orange wrappers from the 50’s and spent all morning soaking them off the pages + Reading that in the catalogue to the Francesco Clemente exhibition at the Royal Academy in 1992 got me looking at orange wrappers + ORANGE WRAPPERS + File di Maryse Papiers d’orange.

wrapper’s delight

«The first shipment of oranges arrived in the UK in the late 13th Century. Wrappers were initially just functional and protected the oranges in transit. Later, in Victorian times, when oranges were popular Christmas presents, the artwork on the wrapper became more decorative. I started my collection of these ephemeral objects 8 years ago. In 2010 Hyperkit held an exhibition displaying the wrappers at the Taschen gallery in London. I have displayed a small selection of my collection on this site for everyone else to enjoy».

Papier d’orange II + Papier d’orange Tintin + Lampe Papiers d’orange + Papiers d’orange, Luc Thiébaut + La carta agrumi.

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