Thinking about India and drapage…

Drapage/draping is one of the most basic techniques in clothing design. Before zippers and sewing machines, draping a piece of cloth around the body was an obvious solution to covering oneself. Think of the toga. And the sari.

Drapage at Epidavros Museum + Draping. Art and Craftsmanship in Fashion Design, the book.

A sari is a long piece of unstitched fabric that Indian women drape over their bodies.  The way these sarees are draped often depends upon the region where they’re worn but the most common way is that of wrapping the sari around the waist with one end and using the other end to drape the shoulder.

There are over 80 ways to drape a sari. Mumbai-based fashion designer, Shaina NC, holds a record in Guinness Book of World Records for draping fastest saree. Her 55 innovative ways of draping saree has brought glory to her fashion designing career, thus earning her the title of “Queen of Drapes”.

Designer Shaina Nc wearing pantsuit version with sari

History of the sari + History of Saree and Types of Saris From Different Regions in India + Indian Clothing.

Mumtaz style drap: This is very innovative drap. here saree is rounded twice around to give a slim effect. It’s hard to walk in this drap. This drap is good for saree with heavy or embroidered borders.

Draping a saree + More.

EastWestLifestyle BLOG.

Revolutionary Rugs at ABC Carpet & Home: Indian women spinning recycled sari silk yarn to make rugs.

Saree blouse designs

Recycled Sari eco handbag + 20 WAYS TO RECYCLE SARIS + 7 Ways to Upcycle Sari Fabric + Recycled sari sundress + Sarees + My Indian Sarees Design Collection.

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  1. John says:

    What a timely post! The children have just printed some fabrics using woodblocks and are planning to display them draped as sari’s on simple silhouette figures. Thanks for the reference material.

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