How to make coiled fabric baskets and rope bracelets

Why not coil a little?

Coiled Fabric Basket by AbbysSewAwesome

How to make a coiled fabric basket using clothesline and strips of fabric + Coiled Fabric Bowls! (tons of photos) + How to Make a Coiled Fabric Bowl + Previous ART FOR HOUSEWIVES post + Child print deep coiled fabric basket + COILED FABRIC BASKET+ Coiled fabric baskets.

Coiled fabric purse tutorial

Coiled Rope Tote.

How to make a rope bracelet

How to make a rope bracelet + Yarn or Fabric Wrapped Clothesline Rope Bangle Bracelet Tutorial + Fabric Bracelet Tutorial + Diy {dressed up target sailor bracelet} + DIY Braided Rope Bracelet.

Rope bracelet

How to Make Coiled Fabric

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15 Responses to How to make coiled fabric baskets and rope bracelets

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  2. Nice post. This blog is full of infos!

  3. tristiane says:

    Reblogged this on one stitch at a time and commented:
    this is really new to me! What a lovely idea!!!

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  5. grieflessons says:

    I loved the coiled basket. I had one a friend made me and now wonder where it is? Lost in the move to Mexico, I guess. Perhaps I’ll make my own now that you’ve shown how to do so. Love your blog. Thanks for visiting mine. Judy

    • Ciao Judy!
      first of all, let me compliment you on the courage you showed moving to Mexico on your own! Hopefully, you now have settled in and have friends there that can give youthe necessary moral support. Where in Mexico do you live exactly? My son lives in Guadalajara–so far away!
      As for the link, I just tried it and had no problems accessing the site. Don’t know what to say.
      Love your little retablo boxes.
      a presto,

  6. grieflessons says:

    I would love to make a coiled basked, but when I tried to open the instructions I received the below message:

    Infection detected!

    The requested URL contains malicious code that can damage your computer. If you want to access the URL anyway, turn off the avast! web shield and try it again.

    Infection type: HTML:Script-inf

    Has anyone else had this experience??

  7. The Vegan 8 says:

    I’m so glad you came by my blog so I could discover yours! I actually love to sew and design on the side away from my food blog. I love this basket, what an incredible idea!!

    • Thanks for commenting! Glad you like my blog. And I love your recipes! Basically because they are simple and flavorful–just 8 ingredients! Great idea. Who takes your food fotos? They’re fantastic.

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