Dressed in Food

I’ve already posted about using fruit scraps before (Oranges are not just for eating) but after seeing fotos of Jan Hopkins’ watermelon rind dress…

Oh.Eleanor-detail-by-Jan-Hopkins Jan Hopkins and  Art from Food Scraps

The Dried Citrus Sculptures of Daniel Watson:

orange ornamentsHomemade citrus

bread slippers Bread slippers and more food as clothing

Wearing Food is a New Fashion.

gummy purseAn edible purse: London-based designer Hoyan Ip reuses leftovers to create fashionable trimmings, such as buttons, belt buckles, sequins and embellishments in various shapes, sizes and colors.

About Art for Housewives

I want to make my life photogenic!
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2 Responses to Dressed in Food

  1. Marie-Josée says:

    I discovered an interesting video a couple of weeks ago, and liked the idea that was presented or, at least, the idea of exploring the idea. It probably will interest you as well. I love the first dress made of watermelon! I didn’t know such a craft was possible! Enjoy the video:

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