Mending as a form of Aesthetics

celia pym

Celia Pym is an artist working with knitting and embroidery who darns to make art

celia pym socksCelia Pym’s Socks

Darning Clothes As an Art Form + False starts in turqoise, at UFO (Unfinished Object) a blog focusing in on unfinished knitting projects + Celia Pym mending holes + We had great fun knitting, darning and unravelling with Celia Pym today.

Art for housewives & mend & repair:

marcottage at marteAperion“: Muy Marcottage dress at M’Arte & Estetica del Rammendo (the aesthics of the mended). MORE HERE

Other: Flickwerk The Aesthetics of Mended Japanese Ceramics pdf + Platform21 = Repairing started with the idea that repair is underestimated as a creative, cultural and economic force + A beautifully mended shirt foto.

mandy pattulloMandy Pattullo, Old quilts made into garments, making old garments more precious, manipulation, embellishment, up-cycling.

Paris Travel JournalMy Big Fat Paris Travel Journal, point of departure  = Dispatch From LA.

totem salvagedSalvaged Bags | Totem Salvaged, These gorgeous bags are salvaged from rugs, old needlepoints, and other found pieces. I love the vintage feel of the bags, they’re gorgeous and tactile.  MORE

Mexico IndigenousMexican Runways Come Alive with Indigenous Fashion: Paulina y Malinali fashion designers who use huipiles+ Paulina & Malinali: las posibilidades del textil tradicional.

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5 Responses to Mending as a form of Aesthetics

  1. Jean Hands says:

    Check out the traditional Japanese art of patching and repair known as Boro – beautiful stuff!

  2. Daniel says:

    I like yor design. This is realy nice stuff and beautiful.

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