Extend your hands with Needles and Pins and huipiles

While re-organizing a bookcase, I came across an old copy of SELVEDGE magazine. Of interest was the review of “Needles and Pins: Textiles and Tools” exhibition (Santa Fe’s Museum of International Folk Art). What struck me about the article was the following quote regarding the exhibition’s premise:

«Cloth is made, embellished, or constructed with tools that started out as a simple extension of the human hand».

«We have gold in our hands and we did not even know it» –Aasif Ansari, weaver

I started out this post wanting to write about hands and craft but got distracted when I came across huipiles made by Lina Bartula.  Who follows this blog knows I have a passion for huipiles. (In fact, tomorrow I will be participating at the Lanificio Mercatino with 18 Muy Marcottage huipiles.)

lina bartula

Lena explains what hupils are to her: «Huipil is a Maya woman’s traditional blouse; it is her identity, a marker of her village, her status, her background and beliefs. The weaving of this garment is both a sacred duty and a personal statement, woven with her own designs, colors and ideas, yet all within the context of her tradition».

All Roses, All the Time ALL ROSES, ALL THE TIME, huipil by Lena Bartula: «In order to illuminate the stories of women whose voices have been forgotten or silenced, I have been creating contemporary huipils, the name for traditional Mexican blouses, each of which represents a particular woman or group of women».

frida painted huipil

Frida painted onto a huipil by Lena Bartula + MENSAJES GUARDADOS.

weaving huipil

Woman weaving textiles for huipiles using a backstrap loom: Unlike a foot loom, backstrap weaving limits the width. That is why huipiles must be pieced together.

Magdalene & Huipiles

The Virgin wearing huipiles at Magdalenas, village in Chiapas known for it’s weaving.

Zinacantan Poncho.

Ronaldo Fraga

Designer Ronaldo Frega‘s dress based on Mexican paper cut-outs (papel picado).

papel picado

Papel picado

papel picado dress

Just let It Go” Papel Picado Strapless Dress

Papel Picado cut paper fashions + Paper banners honor Day of the Dead tutorial + Rob Ryans papercuts  + Papercut Dresses by Béatrice Coron + More paper cutouts.

HEAD OVER HEELS FOR: LASER CUT DETAILS + Beige laser-cut suede Gift of John Galliano.


katagami stencil

Katagami stencils: textile tools

Living with Less: Never Throw Out Citrus Peels, Ideas Of What To Do With Them.

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