Xαιρομαι/Delight huipil

It is raining again in Rome.

herome I’ve stitched the world “χαιρομαι,” the Greek word for “delight,” on this huipil.


Muy Marcottage: Italian Exhibit.



Huipiles related:  ‘Huipiles’ celebrate la mujer + Foto of little girl wearing embellished huipil + Huipiles related images + TRAJE  EN GUATEMALA + Guatemalan Weavings – Fun Fact of the Day.

In Search of Disappearing Huipiles in Coban + Huipil Collar Mirrors + The Huipiles Exhibit at the Museo de Alameda + Sosa’s artwork to get TV viewership + Huipiles at the Museo Alameda: There is nothing to celebrate + This is the Huipil you won’t see at the Museo Alameda’s “Huipiles: A Celebration“.

This huipil, exhibited at the Museo Textil de Oaxaca, is part of Remigio Mestas’s collection of Oaxacan textiles. Recycled Huipil Wristlet + Sewing Lesson: Making a Huipil From Indigenous Cloth + How to size huipiles + W!ld Moon Woman boutique.

frida kahloFrida Kahlo by Leo Matiz

Frida:  Carlos Ball: Frida Kahlo: ¿Símbolo de la mujer latinoamericana? + Coincidencias + Frida Kahlo (1910-1954) + Frida Kahlo + “Vissi d’arte, vissi d’amore”: gli amori saffici di Frida Kahlo.


Frida Kahlo, her real look, on display in Mexico

frida socks The commercialization of Frida

Back-Strap Loom Weaving + Chiapas: A Revolution, Some Sheep, and Centuries of Weaving.

Back-strap loom weaver + Mexican Embroidery + Embroidery detail from the Panajachel huipil mercado + Silkworms in OaxacaNim Po’t, home of the world’s largest retail Maya textile collection, is a consignment store that provides a retail museum showcase for hundreds of indigenous suppliers + Mexican weavings + Weaving, embroidery and other textile arts are practiced by the Mayan people in a traditional manner for both everyday use and to sell.

Doilies:  Reclaim: Doilies + doily bowl + doilies at pinterest + Doily Craze.

Other: Chiara Pilar Photography.

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5 Responses to Xαιρομαι/Delight huipil

  1. It may be raining but the stitching is beautiful….

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  3. bonnyG says:

    Dearest Cynthia–I am sorry that I have been so late to say that I adore what you do! I found you a FEW YEARS BACK…and you have influenced my own work: I THANK YOU for your authenticity: so RARE! And from Texas! Now THAT is UNUSUAL in itself! Again, THANK YOU for what you do! I have been QUITE DISTRACTED as of late with Chemo, Surgery, Radiation: LOOK OUT WORLD–I’m BACK! All for now–PLEASE keep up your GOODNESS!–xo–bonnyG

    • Thanks so much for this comment….I’d like to get in touch with you privately.
      could you please send me an email: korzekwa at gmail dot com
      and so glad you’re doing well now….yes, we do need to watch out and keep an eye open for your new work!

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