Como La Flor

"Como La Flor"

I had to go to a wedding but had nothing to wear.  But I did have a beautiful apron Anthy had given me.  She’d bought it from a Russian immigrant at the produce market in Athens. I don’t wear blues but knew that, despite the lack of time, it wouldn’t be difficult to quickly transform it into a huipil dress.  And for the back, I lucked out by finding a long straight skirt from many summers ago.  The color of the skirt was compatible with that of the apron so I got my colored thread out and started sewing the parts together.  A few considerations had to be made like how to do the shoulders but, with imagination, scissors and fabric scraps, I got it together just in time.

The name of this huipil dress is “Como La Flor” because, as I was putting the dress together, I watched the film about Selena, the young singer so tragically murdered by a flipped out fan. “Como La Flor” was one of Selena’s biggest hits and the title means “like the flower” (Like the flower With so much love You gave me It withered). Since the apron was full of embroidered flowers, it was the perfect title for my dress.

"Como La Flor"

"Como La Flor" "Como La Flor"

"Como La Flor"

"Como La Flor"  "Como La Flor"

"Como La Flor"


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4 Responses to Como La Flor

  1. mont says:

    Mi piace molto.. So delicius!! I wanna do its!

  2. Tracy Stokes says:

    So, so beautiful..

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