Recycled baskets

cynhia korzekwa's basket

Thanks to the wine I drink, I was able to make this basket (indicated by the pointing arrow). Most shops in Italy now use only biodegradable bags but not shops where wine is sold (wine bottles need sturdier bags).  Biodegradable bags are obviously better for the environment.  But they can’t be used to make plarn as they eventually start crumbling away.

cynhia korzekwa's basket

the shop cross the street from my house where I buy wine

cynhia korzekwa's basket

a born again basket

For some reason, I have an excess number of shallow baskets that, existentially, serve little.  So, with the use of plarn,  I’ve starting expanding their life by crocheting them upwards. They are quite fun but not as entertaining as Cordula Kehrer’s  Bow Bins.

Cordula Kehrer

Cordula Kehrer’s  Bow Bins

Cordula takes all kinds of containers and, using basket making techniques, transforms them into something special.

emily dvorin

curler basket by Emily Dvorin

Emily Dvorin has the capacity to make baskets from just about anything including hair curlers. Emily also has a blog and writes about creating baskets in her studio: It is good for me, best for me in fact, to let go of expectations when at the studio. I am best with as vague a plan as possible about what I hope to accomplish in a day… It is about flow. Creativity comes in waves. My “job” is to let it come and go, and to allow enough time, a block of time, to go with it. It is about paying attention, concentrating, a certain kind of focus. 

aly de groot


Also intriguing are Aly De Groot’s Ghost Net Baskets. Ghost nets are nets that have been abandoned by fishermen and can be damaging to the environment as dolphins, crabs, turtles and birds can get caught in them. Unable to escape, they often die of starvation. In Australia’s Gulf of Carpentaria region, a number of female craft-makers have taken these nets to create objects of wonder, too.

I have previously written about baskets here (How to make coiled fabric baskets and rope bracelets + recycled baskets + Mavis Ngallametta). But there are so many incredible other baskets out there to discover: coiled bowl tutorial + bottle cap basket +

Incredible Baskets Inspired By Weather Patterns + Mati made this monumental spinifex basket elaborately decorated with bright coloured wools, painted feathers and gum nuts + Joh Ricci baskets +

Shannon Weber baskets +Jackie Abrams’ coiled baskets + jo-ann van reeuwyk baskets + nathalie miebach HERE and HEREFabric Easter basket tutorial +

Contemporary Basketry


Susan Wise baskets


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