Standing in the wind with a charm bracelet

Anna Akhmatova was a Russian modernist poetHer work was condemned by Stalin but, nevertheless, she remained in Russia.  This meant living in the shadows, experiencing the execution of her husband and grieving for her son forced to live years in a gulag.

But isn’t that what poetry is all about—transforming sorrow into art?

It is said that Anna, like Socrates, didn’t believe in writing her thoughts down (mainly out of fear because her poetry had been banned). So her poems, instead of being written, were memorized. But, luckily, someone took notes and wrote them down otherwise we wouldn’t know aboutUnder Her Dark Veil”, a poem that speaks of a love that’s lost its way. She calls out to him “if you leave, I’ll die” and he responds “Don’t stand here in the wind.”

don't stand in the wind

“Don’t stand in the wind” (computer drawing by korzekwa)

The wind cannot be seen but can be felt. It’s a noun that likes to be a verb.

psithurism bracelet

“Psithurism”, a word now obsolete,  means “the sound of rustling leaves”.  It comes from the Greek word ψιθυρίζω (psithurizō) meaning “I whisper”.

psithurism bracelet

Muy Marcottage bracelet “Psithurism”

This bracelet does not make noise but it does whisper.  It is made from many materials exiled together to create a community:  strips of an old t-shirt crochet into a band, scraps of fabric covered by scraps of fabric to create beads, seams from ripped clothing to created links and soda cans cut into small disks to create paillette sequins.

Like the wind, this bracelet is a noun that wants to be a verb.

psithurism bracelet

psithurism bracelet

psithurism bracelet

psithurism bracelet


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6 Responses to Standing in the wind with a charm bracelet

  1. jo Quirk says:

    I love the Greek lessons Cynthia. And the little fastening on the bracelet plus of course the story. Is your computer drawing printed on fabric? I have been doing lots of drawing on my tablet and wanted to make little stamps to sew stories onto things.

    • Ciao Jo!
      Just wish the Greek lessons would help me learn to speak fluent Greek! The computer drawing is very old–drawn using the mouse, printed on drawing paper, glued on to a small linen canvas then paianted with laquer.

  2. marisa says:

    es precioso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jo Quirk says:

    Not sure if Rosalie Gascoigne fame extends to your shores but you might like the way she has used road signs as art material. Today I saw Elizabeth Gower’s work at a big exhibition in Melbourne called Melbourne Now. She uses product labels and price tags as her art materials and I immediately thought of you Cynthia.

  4. Ciao Jo! just took a look at Rosalie Gascoigne’s work–wow! Thanks for the link. And Elizabeth Gower is lovely, too!

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