Talking walls: San Lorenzo graffiti

My Mr. Big gave me a new digital camera since the one we have has died.  It always takes me awhile to adapt to techno devices as I find them somewhat hostile and unwilling to co-operate with my lack of know how. But this morning I decided to become friends with my new little red camera and invited her out for a walk near my studio in the area of San Lorenzo (Rome). It is an area sandwiched in between Termini train station and the Verano Cemetery and adjacent church, San Lorenzo fuori le Mura.

San Lorenzo was originally a “working class” (built for factory workers) neighborhood but, because of it’s nearness to the La Sapienza University, now it is heavily populated by students as well as artisans and alternative lifestylers.

In 1907, Maria Montessori opened her first school, “Casa dei Bambini”, in this neighborhood. During WWII, San Lorenzo was bombed causing the death of over 1,500 people.  It subsequently became animated by the politically left oriented and today is known for its active nightlife. Often described as shabby chic,  San Lorenzo is rich in murals and street art. 

san lorenzo mural

My favorite mural is that against femicide (Murale Contro Femminicido). The mural is painted on the walls surrounding the building of the Knights of Columbus and is dedicated to the women murdered in Italy in 2012–on the average of one murder every 2 days.  63% of these murders occured in the home.

murale contro il femminicido

Murale contro il femminicidio

The mural is simply a chain of women similar to paper doll cut-outs. High on the chest area is a name of a woman murdered in 2012 and the date the atrocity occured.

murale contro il femmincidio

murale contro il femmincidio

san lorenzo

Although it’s difficult to see, this figure has the name of Leda, murdered February 4, 2012.

murale contro il femmincidio   murale contro il femmincidio

Murale Contro Femminicido on Facebook

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san lo7

san lorenzo graffetti

san lorenzo graffetti san lorenzo graffetti  san lorenzo graffetti san lorenzo graffetti san lorenzo graffetti

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