Mercato Corso Trieste

mercato corso trieste, roma

One of the things I like about living in Italy is the approach to grocery shopping.  Generally I shop at the produce market near the house. Most neighborhoods have their own markets and mine is that of Corso Trieste. Corso Trieste is somewhat of a bourgeois area in the nothern central part of Rome.   The catacombs of St.Priscilla, Villa Ada and Coppedè are also located here.  Above is a foto of the outside of the Mercato.  Looks like a garage until you go inside.

mercato corso trieste, roma

mercato corso trieste, roma

We don’t eat much meat, but when we do, we buy from this butcher who sells only Chianina beef.  Not only does he sale good quality food, he is also “molto simpatico”.

mercato corso trieste, roma

mercato corso trieste, roma

Not only does he sell meat, he sells temptations. Above are various ways that he prepares straccetti (meat strips).  Look at he chicken straccetti made with chicken, dried apricots, almonds and black pepper–yummy.  By the way, if you’re into Italian cooking, take a look at Elizabeth Minchilli’s in Rome Food Blog.  She has many great recipes.

mercato corso trieste, roma

Next to the butcher is the butcher’s wife’s bread stall. There’s always a line –Italians are bread dependent.
mercato corso trieste, roma

The bread is fresh and there are so many different types to choose from.

mercato corso trieste, roma

As  for produce, I love the colors.

mercato corso trieste, roma


I always buy from Clara.  Going to the market is somewhat of a social event–you don’t just buy food, you exchange ideas as well.  Clara and I talk about different things regarding life in general.  But we also exchange recipes. She gave me one of our favorites–chestnut and mushroom soup.  Her recipe is moreorless similar to THIS ONE but without the cream.  Yummy!

mercato corso trieste, roma

And we buy fresh eggs from this woman. All fresh and wrap’t in news paper instead of cartons.  You can buy just one egg if that’s all you need.

mercato corso trieste, roma

The corner near the market where the itinerant vendors park.  Rome has a history of itinerant vendors and outoor markets.

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6 Responses to Mercato Corso Trieste

  1. Pat Nelson-Jimenez says:

    This is a fabulous market! Wish we had som like this in the U.S.

  2. paprikajo says:

    this was the market of my childhood, I also went there with my mum to take fabulous pizza rossa in via lambro, the narrow street on the other side of the market. it is a place of the heart to me.
    now i’m not far from there but i’ve changed market.

    • Do they still make pizza in via lambro? What market do you go to now? I see the people I shop from more than I see my friends as they have become a part of my daily life and I would miss them….

      • paprikajo says:

        no more pizza rossa in via lambro, but is a long time ago since. many things have changed and now I go to Piazza Gimma market; it’s new and not so special to me. there’s another market I like, and this is placed in a beautiful structure in Piazza Alessandria near Porta Pia, near ex Fabbrica Peroni. But the one I prefer for fabrics and exotic spices and strange vegetables and colored fish just to take picture of, is the new Mercato Esquilino.

  3. I’ve never been to Piazza Gemma but I know the market near MACRO..yes, Esquilino is great for spices but it’s too far away

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