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see also this related post:  The term “ex voto” is translated as “my vow.”  The form represents a vow of acknowledgment and testimony for the granting of a miracle of divine intervention.  Typically these tributes were created and gifted to the community church after a turning-point episode in the life of a community member – whether it be recovering from typhoid fever (as is the case in the first ex voto below) or surviving a robbery at gunpoint as is depicted in another of the images below.    + Mexican Retablos + Retablos: ex-votos y santos + La Guadalupana + retablos, Museo de la basilica de Guadalupe, Mexico + another retablo related post




In modern philosophical theory, an acknowledgment of power beyond human understanding is largely absent. Ex Votos however are votive offerings of gratitude for a vow or prayer fulfilled. Votive offerings are given before prayer fulfillment as appeasement or veneration. Depicted are life-threatening or catastrophic experiences and a subject(s). Votive offerings are ubiquitous, these examples are from Mexico and Spain. For more information see: Everyday Miracles.

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  1. Once again I’m taking advantage of the WordPress Reblogging tool–I just love RETABLOS! Gratitude is good for one’s health!

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