Mercatino Usato, second hand market in Rome

mercatino usato

with Frida at the Mercatino

This weekend, while taking a walk after A Heavy Duty lunch, we came across a second hand market near San Giovanni.  It’s called Mercantino Usato Porta Maggiore and was full of EVERYTHING including books, furniture, clothing and collectibles!

mercatino usato

In the past few years, “mercatini” have become very trendy here in Rome. Once, in Italy, buying something second hand made people feel uncomfortable because it seemed to indicate that one didn’t have enough money to buy the same item new thus something to be ashamed of. And Italians need to feel they can make a “bella figura“.  But the economic crisis has changed all that.

Having an economic structure based on consumerism has excessively robbed the environment of natural resources.  So there’s at least one thing good about people not having money in that there is now a willingness to recycle and reuse.  With all of the stuff that already exists out there, why do we need to make even more?

So if you have any plans to come to Rome, why not check out one of their flea markets?

In the meantime, here are a few fotos of the Porta Maggiore Mercatino:

mercatino usato

many “vintage” objects on display

mercatino usato

alot of interesting furniture with interesting prices

Mercantino Usato

many people looking for a bargain

Mercantino Usato

used clothing–vintage and even some designer dresses

Mercantino Usato

accessories (even some entertaining costume jewellery!)

Mercantino Usato

garden  furniture

Mercantino Usato


Mercantino Usato

plants and plant holders

Mercantino Usato

in the foreground, an old saddle!

Mercantino Usato

Mercatino di ROMA PORTA MAGGIORE is opened everyday from 9.30 until 20.00. Limited parking is available. It’s also easy to get to via tram.  If  you live in Rome and need to sell something, this place is worth a try.

Mercantino Usato

The Mercatino is not far from the  Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem (Santa Croce in Gerusalemme) with, it’s said, relics of the cross. It’s also one of the seven pilgrimage churches.  Go HERE for an interesting post about the church.  And also within walking distance is San Giovanni in Laterano, a basilica dedicated to John the Baptist and John the Evangelist.

And many thanks to Sir Joe Works for help with the fotos!

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