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Back to Rome

Once back in Rome and far away from Revolutionary France, I felt safe again. But that feeling quickly disappeared in 1798. It was a February morning and I was climbing down the Spanish Steps when an overpowering noise like thunder … Continue reading

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Spoglia at Trastevere

“Spoglia”* from the Latin “spoils” is the repurposing of architectural elements. And Rome is full of them. Here is a small house that looks as if it’s been “excavated” from a wall at Trastevere. Next to a column inserted in … Continue reading

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The Power of Pits

Years ago I threw a peach pit into a pot. Discreetly hidden behind a potted yucca, it finally sprouted and started to grow. Then, last August, my tossed pit provided me with five of the best tasting peaches I’ve ever … Continue reading

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Hendrik Christian Andersen Museum

He was born in Norway but grew up in the U.S. Here Hendrik Christian Andersen not only sculpted but learned how to attract wealthy patrons such as Gloria Vanderbilt. Andersen developed a passion for monumental sculpture and, since the best … Continue reading

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5 November

Wilma Montesi’s story is the story of an Italy in need of another Renaissance. An Italy scarred by war and Fascism. An Italy anxious to substitute misery with glamour. Wilma, aspiring actress, was a young woman whose romantic dreams became … Continue reading

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