Summertime Walking

Day 2

My walk to and from Krios Beach takes about  2 1/2 hrs including time for a quick swim once there.  But some of that time is needed just to get out of Parikia:

Mouragio ParoikiaMouragio’s Taverna where we often eat

Agios Konstantinos

Agios Konstantinos Church, Kastro

windmill, Paros,port

the windmill at the port  used as a tourist info center

Paros, port

 Coming or Going? Port of Paros 

Paros, port

Going!  Port of Paros


Paros, port…high speed coming in

bus station, Port of Paros

bus station, Port of Paros

Today’s mantra comes from “Summertime” sung by Janis Joplin.  George Gershwin began composing this song in 1933 after being highly moved by black spiritual music of the south. “Summertime” was sung as a lullaby in “Porgy and Bess“, an opera set in a 1912 North Carolina  fishing village where whites had a better life than blacks. 

Well, I certainly can’t complain (even tho’ I often do) about anything especially in comparison to many other people on this planet.  So the mantra is: Living is easy. And recognizing my good fortune is part of  the Aesthetics of Appreciaton: If you’re lucky and don’t know it, it’s like not being lucky at all. So to keep your luck alive, recognize it.

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