Keep Your Eyes On The Road

Day 10

My walks to Krios continue.

hotel livadia, paros

There are several small hotels in Livadia.  And many have rooms facing the sea.

Hotel Window at Livadia

And, looking frontally at these hotels, I’m reminded of a photographer of many years back who did a series of building facades called Pleasure Places.  Too bad I can’t remember his name.

The Road of Livadia

At this point, there is no place to walk but the road as part of the beach has been swallowed by the sea. It is the part of the walk I dislike the most.

hold on

Some drivers act as if they’re preparing for the Grand Prix. And men driving scooters breeze around so fast because they want the women behind them to hold on tight.

I just hope they watch where they’re going.

Livadia Beach, Paros

But, finally, I can start walking on the beach.

Livadia Beach , Paros

The beach and its bodies.

Bubble Park, Livadia

BubblePark, Livadia


Today’s mantra comes from the Doors’ “Roadhouse Blues” and it’s “Keep your eyes on the road” which is another way of saying “stay focused”.

I have a tendency to want to do a million things simultaneously.  Last year, here on Paros, I wrote about Pruning a Lifestyle and my need to de-clutter my To Do List. Which meant establishing my priorities.

For my summer on Paros this year, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish.  Initially, the list was very long but I got it down to The Top Five which really meant getting it down to The Top Three (which included this walking project).  Making such a list is a kind of Know Thyself process because you must decide what you consider important since you can’t focus on everything simultaneously.

Keep your eyes on the road OM Keep your eyes on the road.

Mantras help distract you from your distractions.

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