Beaches and Bodies

Day 11

One of the most difficult aspects of walking daily is just getting out of the house. Like this morning—I was working on a drawing and wanted to finish it but, reluctantly, had to stop because it was time for The Walk.

Onar, Livadia

 Onar, Sun beds & Bar

These sun beds will soon be occupied by Beach Bodies.

Tango Mar, Paros

 Mar Tango, Sun beds & Bar

A blanket of sun beds that will be transformed into a blanket of bodies.

onsen bath

The Japanese have a tradition of Onsen Baths where men and women bath together in the nude. But with decorum. And have you ever noticed that when Japanese women smile they cover their mouths?

Beach Strippers

Walking down a crowded beach teaches me a lot about the human race.  It teaches me how we inter-relate with others, how we transform “our space” into “my space”, how we transform something private into something public. For example, women who blatantly butter their buttocks with toxic creams in front of strangers. Soft porn.

Decorum is on vacation, too.

Touching Towels

How much of me is my body?

Even before Descartes, Plato was mutilating the symbiotic rapport between mind and body. Dichotomized, we’re often schizophrenic in our judgments.

past Livadia 1

 Finally, I’m going far from the madding crowd.

Today’s mantra comes from Jimmy Hendrix’ “Foxy Lady” — “I’m tired of wasting all my precious time”. 

Don’t waste precious time OM don’t waste precious time.

Foxy Lady

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  1. coloremartine says:

    Love this series Cynthia………

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