The Promontory

Day 15

August 15th is a Greek holiday–the Assumption of Mary.  And tonight boats will make their way into the port illuminated by candles.  Then there will be a big fireworks display and everyone will go “oooh & ahhh”.  We will watch from our roof while drinking ouzo!  Hronia Polla!

Path to Promontory, Paros

The highlight of my walk is reaching the promontory.

Promontory Path, Paros when I turn around, Path to Promontory, Paros

This is what I see when I turn around.

Several years ago, I took this same walk to Krios most every day for 3 months.  At the time, I was reading The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth, a book that had a tremendous effect on me. It made me see myself as a woman in a completely different way.

Promontory Path, Paros

Promontory Path, Paros

Promontory Path, Paros

For one, I realized just how “materialized” I’d become…a solid mass with no flow.  But one day, after reading and reading and walking and walking, I suddenly felt ethereal, like a Cosmic Goddess, and one with the universe.  And it came naturally for me to stand on the promontory looking out where the sea mates with the sky and assume an orant posture.

from the promontaory, Paros

My idea is that once upon a time, we communicated with the world around us in a more telepathic way. But a growth in demographics made telepathy more difficult and, instead of sensation, we became dependent upon the spoken word. And when the written word took over, women lost their sacred place in the universe. There’s a fantastic book about this concept, The Alphabet Versus the Goddess by Leonard Schlain, that describes how a shift from a right brain dominated society to that of a left brain dominated society totally obliterated the reverence once given to women.

Instead of men and women have complementary roles, men dominate our society and the effects of this domination are described in a past post, Empathy and Ecofeminism.

My mantra for today comes from Carol King’s “I Feel The Earth Move” because motion, inside & out, protects us from stagnation.


Feel the Earth move. OM. Feel the Earth move.

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3 Responses to The Promontory

  1. I have been loving your posts about your walks, the imagery and the way you have manipulated the photos. I also believe that we were more at one with the world in the past, I find it difficult to put into words but I do believe in a collective unconsious a bit like ‘The Force’ in the Star Wars films but connecting with nature.

    • Thanks Debbie! Wouldn’t it be nice if we were able to re-discover this “oneness”? t’s beyond me why there’s this Cut Throat approach towards others that seems to dominate the collective mentality.

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