Grounding at the water’s edge

Day 26

Ειρήνη και Μίλτος, σας ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ για μια υπέροχη μέρα!

When I arrive on the beach at Krios, the first thing I do is take off my shoes.  Since I have to  take my shoes on & off a couple of times during the walk, a big thanks to the inventor of Velcro strap sandals that make this process much easier.

Velcro sandals on Paros

Velcro is a great example of bio-mimicry.  It’s man imitating nature and, in this case, imitating burrs.  If you’re from Texas and walked around barefooted as a child, you know exactly what burrs are!

In 1941, Swiss engineer George de Mestral was taking burrs out of his dog’s hair.  The burrs and the hair were attached so well that Mestral was inspired to use the same technique for something pragmatic and thus invented Velcro.

Krios Beach, Paros

Anyway, back to the beach. Walking barefoot outdoors, known as “grounding”, apparently is very good for us.  Via the soles of our feet, we absorb the earth’s free electrons which are beneficial to our health.  Grounding relieves chronic pain, improves sleep, reduces inflammation, thins the blood and much more.  In other words, the body needs to be connected to the earth.

Krios Beach, Paros

A big problem today is that we are constantly subjected to radiation via our cell phones, computers and Wi-Fi.  Grounding can help counter-attack this electromagnetic field bombardment.

Krios Beach, Paros

Walking on the beach is especially beneficial.  Because the sand provides resistance, you work your foot and leg muscles more.  And because the sand is an uneven surface, your body must react to the constantly changing surface which is good for balance and agility.

Walking on the sand also massages the soles of your feet which activates blood and lymphatic circulation.  Furthermore, walking barefoot on the beach is like taking sandpaper to your feet because the friction of the sand acts as a exfoliate.  Results: soft and smooth feet!

I like walking near the water’s edge and am fascinated by the way the sun reflects on the sea. David Hockney has done many wonderful interpretations the sun reflecting on the water.

David Hockney:

David Hockey

Picture of a Hollywood Swimming Pool,  1964

David Hockney

California, 1965 via

David Hockney

Vintage: A 1980s lithograph by David Hockney in his California years via

Today’s mantra is “the tide is high but I’m moving on” taken from Blondie’s “The Tide Is High”.


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