Boat People

Day 28

Paros, Krios beach

Krios beach, Paros

At the end of the beach on Krios is a small cement pier used for the boat that brings people from Parikia.  Not everyone prefers to arrive on foot like I do. These people disembark  in groups carrying bags, chairs, umbrellas and other beach paraphernalia. They look like refugees so I call them the Boat People. But I chide myself for this because these tourists have nothing at all in common with real refugees.

boat to krios

boat to Krios

Before there were cars, there were boats.  Maritime history goes  back thousands of years. The oldest recovered boat is a dugout canoe dating c. 8,000 BC.  But there are rock carvings in Azerbaijan dating 10,000 BC  showing reed boats. Who knows when the first boat was made.

boat at Krios

boat at Krios

Boats have had a tremendous impact on the evolution of civilization.  They permitted people to migrate and settle other lands. And this migration made inter-relating so much more complex.

From the land, I look towards the sea and see only a subtle line that divides the water from the sky. The horizon is seemingly so poetic. From afar.  However, the idea of getting in a boat and sailing towards that line swallowed by blue makes me feel queasy.

Blue Star towards Paros

Blue Star ferry towards Paros

At one point or another, we learn to navigate. Often we need help.  Sailors had the stars and then the compass.  And, eventually, experience.

Daily life is a kind of sea.  And navigating it isn’t always easy. That’s why I count on my ideals to give me a direction.

Lampedusa migration

Drastic action needed to prevent more migrants dying in boat tragedies

boat people from vietnam

Vietnamese Boat People

Sri Lanka’s boat people


Today’s mantra comes from Cristopher Cross.  Cross, from San Antonio like me, released his debut album at the time when I left Texas for Europe.  The song is “Sailing” and the reappropriation comes from the phrase “Fantasy, it gets the best of me”.


Fantasy keeps me free. OM. Fantasy keeps me free.


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