The Red Towel

Day 31

The Red Towel, Paros

When I finally arrive on the beach of Krios and find, with luck, a bit of shade under a tamarisk, the first thing I do is lay down my towel. Beach towels are like territorial flags and say “this space is taken”. They indicate a line of demarcation, a boundary.

Today I have reached a boundary—the limit in terms of these 31 days dedicated to daily posts regarding my walks to Krios.

I began this series as a reflection on walking as a spiritual practice. But the reflection today is: just what is meant by spiritual? Spirituality has so many definitions that it has none. So I’ve given it one of my own: spirituality is the contemplation of what gives meaning to life.

While walking to Livadia today, I asked Pierluigi if, in his readings, he’d come across anything of interest regarding spirituality. So he began talking to me about anima mundi–the belief that everything that exists is connected by a world soul.


But my walks are not about the world, they’re about me. Because there’s a territorial domain inherent in my spirituality–it belongs to me and no one else.  Religion is a different story.  It aims to transform multiple needs in to a single creed. Maybe we can’t be sure that God exists but a need for God undoubtedly does.

Several people have contacted me expressing their interest in the idea of walking as a means of re-connecting with the self.  So, if anyone reading this is would like to write a piece for my blog about walks, I would be thrilled to post it. You can contact me at korzekwa at gmail dot com.

Thanks for keeping me company!

By the way, I will be taking a short break from blogging.

My mantra for today comes from Grateful Dead’s “Truckin’”.


Keep On Trucking. OM. Trucking. Trucking. Keep On Trucking.

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