What you see is what you are

don't be scanned

The other day I mentioned the danger of mind invasion, that is, of  being mind scanned by aliens. Since I would like to avoid being abducted again, I’ve decided to protect myself by wearing sunglasses all the time.  Keeping the aliens out of my eyes will help to keep them out of my mind.

mirrorshades will save me

Then I wondered if wearing reflecting sunglasses would be even better.  That way, instead of looking at me, they’d be  looking at themselves.

Question: what happens to one’s sense of self-perception if they see themselves in others? For example, if I see a homeless person out on the street,  instead of seeing someone in grubby clothes who hasn’t washed in a while, what if I were to see myself?

If an alien were to look at another alien as if looking at himself, he would stop being an alien.


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