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That morning the sky was bigger than usual and made me feel like exploring Tucson, the flattest town I’d ever seen. It certainly wasn’t the Tucson that Jack Kerouac wrote about. Huge asphalt parking lots and cheaply constructed buildings all … Continue reading

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What you see is what you are

The other day I mentioned the danger of mind invasion, that is, of  being mind scanned by aliens. Since I would like to avoid being abducted again, I’ve decided to protect myself by wearing sunglasses all the time.  Keeping the … Continue reading

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Empathy and Ecofeminism

One hot afternoon, researcher Giacomo Rizzolatti and team, were working with monkeys when they decided it was time for a gelato break. In the lab, joyfully eating their ice-cream, they totally forgot about the monkeys. The monkeys, still hooked-up to … Continue reading

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