E-books and cats

E-Book Reading

Volver, our cat, likes attention and often interrupts whatever I’m doing when he has a Tactile Attack forcing me to take a Kitty Break.  Sometimes I try to ignore him (not easy) especially when I’m reading.

Of course, we all know reading is good for us.  It helps us learn and keeps our mind exercised.  And getting emotionally involved with the characters in a novel helps us activate our mirror neurons which is important. Because, in a society that stresses the value of individuality, empathic feelings are declining.

Last year for my birthday, Mr. Wolf gave me an e-reader and I use it all the time.  It’s easy to use when travelling, facilitates reading articles from internet and provides immediate access to other books.  However, e-readers do have some negatives characteristics.  For one, as with all electronic devices, they interfere with sleep since the light they emit limits the production of melatonin and thus are not appropriate for bedtime reading.  Secondly, their anonymous and sterile aspect prevents the possibility of “living in a book” provided by traditional books. The physical experience of turning pages, touching paper, and leafing back and forth are all elements that enhance the sensation of contact with that which is being read.

However, one thing must be said—e-readers are easier to hold than “real” books which is important if you have a cat!

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